Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Accidental Collage

Often times we overlook something in plain sight. On our daily routine we pass the same scenery, ipod on and coffee in hand. It is here where I see beauty. Where I see something accidental. A simple telephone pole; that cries out to be seen as something more. It's a stapled flyer on a telephone pole! but... it's more than that, it's a city's history. A history of night life, a local play or your missing cat scribbles! Posted & layered: over and over until its a giant paper mess? It's no big secret it rains in Seattle, but that rain adds a something amazing to these paper littered poles. Weathering and transforming these cats and parties into collage. Below you will find my latest obsession...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling "Moody"

There is someone new in my life that seems to get me. We laugh, talk about life, share relationship horror stories and go on adventures. There is always a camera with us, yet something is strange about this camera... it's endless features allow us to change settings and make phone calls? The "iphone"... but this is not the someone! Liz Moody is an artist! I've most recently been excited by her floral photos, like the ones seen above. However a secret trip around her facebook led to more amazing discoveries...

Leaving digital behind, I found FILM. Ghostly, loved and unique. I found a lot of good stuff, but I only posted Floralish photos! The adventure of film is more romantic and less forgiving then the "Apps" tech, but Apps offer something different. I hope Liz continues expoloring the inner photog... maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NEW YORK- Fall 2010: Color RE:cap!

It looks like Black is Back; But what does that say for the current state of fashion? Does it offer insight into our turbulent retail environment? One thing is for sure, at 1st look New York's Palette for Fall 2010 could be described as, SAFE. Since color tends to run in cycles I wasn't that surprised to see a more jewelish color perspective this season. Clearly New York was keeping buyers in mind.
(what goes with black, everything! especially pops of color)
With that being said, it wasn't exactly business as usual in regards to color... When Lacoste starts the show off with neutrals and grey you know something is different!
Color was pretty consistent across the board, with a few variations but not many. Direct! GREY, was the message, followed by Black and then Finally Neutrals. To add some life and play Designers chose to dabble in Yellow-Golds, Dark Reds, Burnt Oranges, Smoke-Gas Blues, and a few designers like Rodarte, DVF and Fetherston went for some blush tones and pinks.

Designers grounded this season collections with a sea of rich Black. Offering contrasting textures in the form of fur, leather, heavy weight silks and flannel. This added interest to the cleaner, tailored, slightly more minimal runways. Designers like Vera Wang, The Row, and Zero are worth mention. 
From left to right: Vera Wang, The Row

Enter a play on neutrals; A mark on every runway was hints of warm + soft Camel tones.  Highlighted as comfortable knits or more structured outerwear pieces. Alongside Camel were a few surprising shades of Soft Creams and Nudes. See Rodarte and Rachel Comey...
From left to right: Zero, TSE

Grey Daze! Again Grey is the power player this season. Holding strong as a main replacement for the ever present black. Designers really expounded on the versatility of grey offering Charcoals and Ash to more subtle shades of Cloud and cooler Storms. Whatever the shade, Grey felt warm in knits from Rag & Bone, 3.1, and TSE...
From left to Right: Zero, 3.1, Y-3

Jewelish inspirations; From the colorful constellation prints @ Ruffian to the alchemy age of Three as Four; color came from different places this season, yet the choices are remarkably similar. Bright Rusts, Mod Maragolds, and Periwinkle Petrol Popped on the runways this season. Slight hints of plum also noted, but not as strong as the dark-dryed Crimson!
From left to right starting at the top: 3.1, Zero, Zero, Wayne, TSE, Rag & Bone, Herchcovitch, Three as Four

Over all I found it interesting, Layer, mix-tones of the same hue, and Color-block! It will be very intertesting to see what stylist and photogs come up with!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP: MCQUEEN 1969-2010

"McQueen is dead!" was the text I received this morning. I wanted so much to believe this wasn't true. Alexander McQueen was one of the greatest talents in fashion. His shows were heart stopping and kept the industry on its toes. "A genius, a tragedy!"

Image provided by: www.freshnessmag.com
This news comes just days after the death of his mother and at the start of New York's Fashion Week.  MCQ's show was cancelled in New York today; Without a doubt there is a dark cloud over the industry. I can only image how his close friends and family must fee.
My heart goes out to them...

Reports have confirmed this tragic news: Here is a statement from Simon Doonan to the Wall Street Journal
Simon Doonan, creative director at Barneys New York, which carries the Alexander McQueen brand. said to the Wall Street Journal, "He's such an amazing talent. It's hard to put into words. That's a gigantic loss to the fashion world,"  "His shows were just so extraordinary and such amazing high-wire acts of creative tension it sort of raised the bar on what people perceived as a fashion show."

If you would like to learn more about McQueen go here:  Alexander McQueen

I leave you with one of my favorite videos... "you will be greatly missed"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

INTERVIEW: Kristin Gallegos

For my interview series I wanted to highlight people who work with color everyday!
Kristin Gallegos is a make-up artist and personal friend of mine. Her style has always inspired me. She is one of those people you can't help but love. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin a few years back. If my memory serves me well, we were at an infamous party held at "Luke and Leroy". Both of us were new to NYC and shared a 11211 zip-code (Williamsburg, BK). Kristin had relocated to NYC from LA, ready to take the city by storm. Kristin truly is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. I'm glad to have had the pleasure of watching Kristin blossom from a some-what shy girl who only wore vintage, into the dynamic fashion power house she is today. Here's a look at what Kristin is working on now & looking forward to in 2010.   


 Photo by: Hanneli Mustaparta

WW: How long have you been doing make-up now?  
KG: 5 & 1/2 years in NYC

WW: What agency are you with currently?  
KG: Bryan Bantry

WW: Where did you get your training?  
KG: A workshop at Studio Makeup Academy at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, Ca.  But mostly from assisting Dick Page and Lisa Butler, amongst others.

WW: How old are you?  haha, I know you shouldn't ask a lady that!
KG: How dare you!!!  A lady never tells!!!!  Just kidding, I am 28!

WW: What is your favorite color?  
KG: I am known for wearing all black.  Although that really isn't a color, its my favorite.  If I had to pick an actual color it would be "Greige", a mixture of grey and beige.

WW: What project/s are you currently booked or working on? 

KG: I just shot the Victorinox Swiss Army Campaign with Collier Schorr, V Magazine with Peter Lindbergh, Glamour with Arthur Elgort, and just got back from India where I was shooting Vogue India with Jean Francois Campos!

WW: How was India? did you get to any out door markets or sight-see? 
KG:  India was an amazing experience!  It was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life.  Being in a third world country really makes you appreciate what you have.  It puts everything into perspective.  I unfortunately worked most of the time and if I wasn't working I was traveling within the country to the next location.  So I didn't get to do much exploring.  But I had a lot of fun and had two amazing shoots there.

WW: Who are you looking forward to working with during Fashion Week?
KG: Naeem Khan is always a pleasure to work with each season.  And my good friend Katie Gallagher.  She got a lot of buzz last season for her first show.  I think this season will be amazing for her.

WW: Who are you looking forward to seeing during Fashion Week?
KG: I always look forward to seeing Carine Roitfeld and Anna Dello Russo! They really know how to bring it!  And hopefully there will be a Lady Gaga sighting...

WW: Are you working overseas this fashion week or just traveling? 
KG: I am not traveling to Europe for fashion week this season but definitely Paris for next season!
WW: Crazy that we are in a new decade? 2010! What are you excited about this year? Any resolutions?   
KG: I am very excited for the new decade!  I think my career is going to go to the next level this year!  I am excited for more traveling and working with more amazing people.  As for resolutions...I'm already on track with them but I'm not telling!!!
WW: You've always had such a great sense of style. What are you adding or changing to your style come Spring 2010? 
KG: Oh thank you!!  I plan on adding some Spring '10 Givenchy, Rick Owens, Peter Pilotto, Ann Demeulemeester, Hannah Marshall (a friend), Katie Gallagher, and perhaps some Commes! And more white, nude, and grey! I am also open to an amazing print.  As you can see I have a little bit of a shopping obsession!
WW: Honey! obsession is an understatement! I can't help but feel slightly responsible for feeding you to the fashion wolves, so to speak. Please tell me you're feet will be adorning the McQueen 10'' amazingness!!?    
KG:  Well you can't take full credit!  But you helped me take it to another level.  I don't know if the McQueenadillos are even being sold.  But I have photos of me wearing them on a shoot!  They are major!!!  It's like walking in pointe shoes.  Lucky for me I have 8 years of crazy ballet training behind me!

WW: How would you describe your personal style with both make-up and clothes?  
KG: My personal style is very dark.  As I said I mostly wear black.  I love interesting shapes and silhouettes.  I usually wear tight black jeans with some short of amazing shape up top or really short skirts and dresses!  And I love a bold shoulder!  In make-up I rarely change my look.  It's always a strong black smudgy eye with lots of mascara.  A natural face and lip.  On rare occasion I go completely natural or I will add a red lip.  That's always shocking!!  My look has been called "luxury goth", which I find funny!  And I get that I resemble Cher from the 60's a lot!  
WW: What key make-up looks are you liking for SP '10? & What should be left in '09?  
KG: I loved the bold lips on the runway that we saw at Givenchy, Prada, and Rodarte to name a few.  Also the absence or focus on the eyebrow.  I also loved the severe eyes at Rick Owen!  Stunning!

KG: What should be left in '09 is the super 80's inspired make-up a la Marc Jacobs!

WW:If you had a palette of colors that was signature to you, what colors would make up this pallette?  
KG: I definitely use a lot of neutral tones.  There would be black, white, terracotta, variety of greys, various taupes, nudes and browns.  But I love pops of color as well so I would also throw in some red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow!  I love it all!

 (Here is a little palette I put together inspired by KG.)

WW: What are your thoughts about a bold lip?  
KG: I LOVE a bold lip.  Not everyone can pull it off though.  It takes a lot of self assurance.  And some people just don't have the lips for it!  I think if you are going to go for a bold lip it has to be the right shade for you as well.  And my advice is not to pair it with a dark eye.  Choose to focus on your eyes or your lips.  Most people cannot pull off a full face!
WW: Is less more?
KG: I think for the everyday woman, less is more.  Especially on the skin.  Most women think they need a full face of foundation when they should really only conceal where needed.  Subtle enhancements on the face are always best.  But there are exceptions to this as well.  People that have "a look" and can pull off more, by all means do it.  It just has to be well done and appropriate.  But, in fashion, sometimes more is more!  I love to experiment and really take it there in my work.  
WW: Who/what is inspiring you at the moment? 
KG: What always inspires me is the person in my make-up chair.  I work very organically.  I have ideas of course but once the person is in my chair and I start working the face in front of me inspires what the outcome will be.  And obviously the clothes are very inspiring to me.  Editorial is a very collaborative effort.  So the styling and hair will also inspire me.  It really all depends.  In general I am inspired by my travels and the different cultures I have had the pleasure to see.  And I am inspired by art, movies, pop culture, and music.  

KG: As far as my personal style goes I am inspired by various time periods like the 60's, 80's and 90's.  My style icons are:  Edie Sedgwick, Siouxsie Sioux, Patti Smith, Anita Pallenberg, Robert Smith, and Nico.  

WW: What bands are you listening to lately?
KG:  The usual suspects:  Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Beatles and The Zombies.  I like to stick to the classics!

WW: And who are you wearing most? 
KG: I am wearing a lot of Rick Owens, Ann Demuelemeester, Margiela and some Givenchy.  
WW:Quote of the moment?
KG: "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." -Coco Chanel

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010: Future in Focus...

At the end of what could only be described as a tumultuous year; I'm looking forward to the future. This new year breeds optimism, but more importantly Clarity, Direction and Stability! I'll tell you the Sun's fight against the grey of the Seattle skies is amazingly encouraging.

A close friend once told me "it's the way you see the world" a lens... What is a lens? 
We all possess one, but the real question is "how are we choosing to focus it".

This year I intend to focus my lens... I hope you'll all do the same. To a new year!

CHROMA: the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray.

I think this best describes the weather influenced hues I'm particularity fawned of moving into 2010. To compliment these colors I think it's important to talk texture and tradition.
Plaids, Flannels, light Jersey knits, Brushed Wools and Twill are major for me.
Layer!! combine print with texture and add color, hark back to tradition.
Think modern about proportion and scale. Give traditional elements an opportunity for a new direction and create a fresh prospective in your closet. Familiarity is important when adding new direction or new layering ideas.

With that blurb out of the way... it's on to outer-space!  

Here is a look at the Eagle Nebula...

color names from left to right: metal air, water gas, phosphorus dust, dark matter, nova navy.

Here is a plaid I created, hope you enjoy!