Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feeling "Moody"

There is someone new in my life that seems to get me. We laugh, talk about life, share relationship horror stories and go on adventures. There is always a camera with us, yet something is strange about this camera... it's endless features allow us to change settings and make phone calls? The "iphone"... but this is not the someone! Liz Moody is an artist! I've most recently been excited by her floral photos, like the ones seen above. However a secret trip around her facebook led to more amazing discoveries...

Leaving digital behind, I found FILM. Ghostly, loved and unique. I found a lot of good stuff, but I only posted Floralish photos! The adventure of film is more romantic and less forgiving then the "Apps" tech, but Apps offer something different. I hope Liz continues expoloring the inner photog... maybe tomorrow!

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