Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peaches and Patina...

My friend Joe travels all the time. Whether it's for work or pleasure he is always camera ready. Luckily for me sometimes they are actually good! (just kidding joey) In all seriousness, I couldn't stop looking at these peaches! YSL is thinking "strawberries"? I'm thinking peaches! When I started to pull a palette together I realized, I had my work cut out for me... It's no big secret I'm obsessed with Navys, so I pulled two Palettes from these Peaches. A multi palette and a Blue(ish) one.

Color Names from Left to Right: Derma, Mar, Pulmonary, Rhubarb, Prunus

Color Names from Left to Right: Deep, Storm Cloud, Fleet, Indigo, Uniform Blue

Joe also took this picture. I'm not sure if this is a faux-finish or something truly oxidized?
Either way, I love it! I love the natural decay of metals. Maybe this contributes to why I love the work of Richard Serra, SCALE... Large imperfect sheet metal at its best! More on this later.
I imagine this wall in a bathroom with a Copper Clawfoot Tub and White Lilys...

Color Names from Left to Right: Hydrated, Aluminum, Copper, Phosphate, Mineral

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  1. awesome!! I didnt even see the navy in there!